November 5, 2017 Number One Broadway

Pix of the Band in Action

August 2018 Jim Gallup Birthday Party, Pleasanton CA

October 2017 Halloween Party at Cassidy's Place

October 2017 Zombie 50th Birthday for Alan McSporran

December 15, 2017 "Bad Sweater Xmas Party" Chapel of the Chimes

October 8, 2017 United Airlines Friends and Family Day

October 2019 Chicken Pie Shop Walnut Creek, CA

September 2018 Retro Junkie Walnut Creek, CA

October 2017 Denise Castro 50th Birthday plus after party

December 9, 2017 R-Place Music Club

July 2018 San Leandro Cherry Festival

November 11, 2017 Gallagher's Dublin, CA