Bass Player extraordinaire, with over 35 years experience playing in the dirtiest bars and arenas
this world has to offer. He started playing in bars in the Netherlands when he was 2 and has
recorded at least one song with every metal artist on the planet. (and been romantically involved
with all of the females) When asked why his name has an umlaut over every vowel except the
i, he replied, “well that would be a bit excessive, wouldn’t it”
Ädriän insists that the gear he uses be authentic metal proven gear, preferably vintage ’80’s, but
he will accept reproductions that have been Relic’d by Relic master Billy Rowe of San
Francisco. To that end, his current rig consists of a Peavey Max 800 watt bi-amped bass head
coupled with a Sun 2-15 cabinet loaded with EV 15B 400 watt speakers. His main axe is a Dark
Blue Metallic ’89 Ibanez EXB404 that he received from longtime friend Greg Christian of
Testament. (Greg was pimping Ibanez in the ’80’s and ’90’s)
Ädriän is a bit of a diva backstage, requiring his own personal stylist, temperature monitor, and
food taster. (and they cannot be the same person as each has a high level of efficiency
required, and multi-tasking degrades performance) All food must be prepared in a sterile
environment by midgets in clean room suits, skilled in the art of Ancient Mesopotamian Food
Preparation. (AMFP) After all, one must be in tip top shape to perform at this level. Ädriän
treats his body as a temple, therefore all ingredients must be certified as organic and pesticide
free. Also he only drinks Vöss sparkling water with three lime slices per litre. (each slice must
be 8mm thick from a lime no larger than 5 cm in diameter) If these requirements are not taken
seriously, Ädriän has been known to start breaking anything within arms reach and swearing like
a drunk with Coprolalia Touretts syndrome.

Ädriän Vön Münchën (Eric Johnson)

Sonic Engineer and Stage Manager